What they don't tell you before competition prep.

If I only knew what I know now it would have prepared me better. I was excited and dedicated to the sport and I could absolutely see myself continuing and making it to the very top! But nobody tells you how to prepare for the preparation.

Too many women that I know went through exactly what I did as a first time competitor. Going through added stress, emotional breakdowns and unnecessary relationship chaos.

Some went through the journey with a good outcome and some with a horrendous one. But the journey was all the same. For those with the terrible outcome, it was due to not knowing what to expect and how it would affect themselves as well as others. For those who had an amazing outcome, their situations allowed for their decisions as they figured it out and were willing to sacrifice what was needed in order to get the job done.

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What to Expect

I wanted to share my experience and really let women know what it takes and what to expect before they make the decision to step on stage.

So I wrote "7 things you need to know before competition."

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Inside these pages you will get to understand the importance of the seven things I, along with many other women, have discovered through our preparation journey. These 7 topics have saved thousands from added stress, emotional breakdowns and relationship breakups.

These seven points will prepare you mentally, physically and relationally for the days, weeks and months leading up to the show.

I go through my experience as well as a few others' so you can get a real look on the inside of competition prep.

You will be able to make a logical and educated decision to step on stage or not.

You will be able to avoid a lot of unecessary aggravation during your preparation journey.

All You Need to Do Now

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Don't start your competition prep without being fully prepared. Simply use the secure checkout below to gain the full knowledge on what to expect during your preparation stage. Know what you're about to get into and what's about to change around you.



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